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All About Mint

     When we think of mint, we think of candy, toothpaste, and gum- but mint can also have healing properties. It can clean wounds, cure stomach and headaches, and even minor burns. Mint contains vitamins A, C, B, and small traces of calcium.

Mint also has  very interesting mythology. When Hades, god of the Underworld, Fell in love with the river nymph, Menthe (another word for mint), his wife Persephone found out and became jealous. She turned  Menthe into a plant so people would step on her. Hades could not undo the curse, so he gave her a beautiful sent.

Mint's smell really comes from menthol, an oil in its leaves. It is in the family Mentha, along with spearmint, peppermint, and applemint.

Here are a few links to some fun things you can do with mint:

Mint Brownies

This one is with candy mints, but it was so awesome I had to put it in:

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub


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